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James R. Prentice of Glasgow, Scotland

James R. Prentice of Glasgow, Scotland
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2006 and Revised 13 Oct 2009

Update of 13 Oct 2009: By email of 13 Oct 2009, Sheila Allardyce identifies James R. Prentice as , son of James Prentice and Janet MacGregor. They are #9 in our Spring 2000 article entitled William Prentice of Kincardine, Scotland . That article now replaces this article.

1. James R. Prentice may have been b. c. 1850-1875 at an unknown location. In 1913 he was living in Glasgow, Scotland according to the immigration record of his son, James. The name of his wife is not yet known. They apparently remained in Scotland as they do not appear in the 1930 CT census. They had 1 or more children, including:

  1. James M. MacG. Prentice, b. 1895, Scotland. . . . . . . [2]

2. James M. MacG. Prentice, b. 1895, Scotland were both of his parents. Immigrated 1913, naturalized 1918 (per 1920 census). Ellis Island Records disclose that James arrived on 7 Dec 1913 at Ellis Island from Glasgow on the "Cameronia". The stated purpose of his trip was to stay with his uncle James Munsie, 56 W Center Str, South Manchester, Connecticut. James was described as 5''10", fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, born in Glasgow. Occupation, Postman.

James appears in the 1920 CT census with his wife, Beda A., b. c. 1885, CT (father b. Norway and mother b. Sweden) and in the 1930 Hartford, Hartford Co., CT census. Children:

  1. Marjorie E. Prentice, b. c. 1917-18, CT (per 1920 census). At home in 1930.
  2. James Prentice, b. c. 1922, CT. At home in 1930 census.
  3. William Prentice, b. c. 1928, CT. At home in 1930 census.

Who are James R. Prentice's Parents?

Although further investigation is needed for confirmation, James R. Prentice might be the same person as James Prentice shown in the 1881 Scotland Lowland census as b. c. 1867, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland, son of William Pentice, b. c 1821, Newarkhill, Lanark, and his wife, Christina, b. c. 1834, Dalsert, Lanark. They also had another son, Robert Prentice, b. c. 1869, Glasgow.

Or, he might be the James Prentice shown in that 1881 census as b. c. 1856, Glasgow, son of Hugh and Mary Prentice. The also had other chandren: Patrick, Mary, Winnifred and Agnes.

However, there is always the chance that James R. Prentice was b. somewhere other than Glasgow and had moved to Glasgow by 1913.

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