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Caroline Prentice of New York, Ohio, and Louisiana

Caroline Prentice of New York, Ohio, and Louisiana
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 2005 and Revised 1 Sep 2005

Update of 20 Jul 2005: Caroline Prentice is almost certainly the daughter of either Daniel Prentice, #20a in our Thomas Prentice eBook, and his wife, Mary, or his brother, Gilbert Prentice, #20i.

We are helping Jeff Truax. in his efforts to identify his ancestor, Caroline Prentice. Here is what we have so far:

1. Caroline Prentice, b. c. 1815, NY (per 1850 census) and d. 16 Oct 18632 in Springfield, Livingston Parish, LA. She moved, presumable before about age 5 in 1820 and with her parents, to Ashtabula County, OH, possibly in or near Harpersfield. It would appear that Caroline took ill and was prescribed laudanum as part of her treatment by Dr. George Colmer of Springfield. A year later, she succumbed to the effects of the drug. After her death, her husband would later re-marry and live into his 80's.

She m. Loring Chapman (called Lorin Chapman in the 1850 census) in Ashtabula Co. on 30 Jun 1835 (per Marriage Index). He was b. 22 May 1809 in CT. Lorin and Caroline moved to Springfield in Livingston Parish, LA not later than 1839 where her first known child, Mary, was born. Lorin listed his occupation in an early census as a wheelright, although his principle means of support throughout most of his adult life was as a planter. The family owned much land and several slaves, and they likely grew crops that were traded by schooner to New Orleans. The Springfield area of Louisiana was about the only area of Livingston Parish that had anything like a "planter society," with river/lake access to markets in New Orleans.

Caroline and Lorin appear in the 1850 census in Livingston Parish, LA, with their children (names, dates and places per 1850 census and Jeff Truax, email, 21 Jul 2005):

  1. Lucinda Chapman, b. c. 1837.
  2. Mary Chapmen, b. c. 1839, LA and d. Jan or Feb 1859.
  3. William Chapmen, b. c. 1841, LA.
  4. Irene Chapman, b. c. 1842, LA.
  5. Julia Chapman, b. c. 1842, LA.
  6. Francis Chapman, son, b. c. 1845, LA. He may, or may not, be the Frank Chapman who d. 23 Oct 1851.
  7. Gilbert Chapman, b. c. 1847, LA.
  8. Pernell Chapman, b. c. 1849-50, LA. . . . . . . [2]
  9. Lucinda Chapman, b. 22 Oct 1855, LA.
  10. Florence Chapman, b. c. 1855, LA

2. Pernell Chapman, b. c. Feb 1850 and d. 31 Dec 1898. He m. Cornelia Wall. She was b. c. 1863 and d. c. 1 JAN 1898. Children (per Jeff Truax, email, 15 Aug 2005):

  1. Lena Chapman b: 22 Jan 1885 and d. 17 Feb 1944. She m. Jesse J. Tate.
  2. Irene Chapman b: c. 1888 and d. 13 Dec 1964. She m. Varice James Chevalier who was b. 11 Apr 1885 and d. 15 Dec 1961. They had a daughter.
  3. Zella Florence Chapman, b. c. 1892
  4. Lorin Chapman, b. 14 Aug 1895 and d. 1 Oct 1966
  5. Cornelia Chapman, b. c. 14 Jan 1898 and d. 31 Oct 1975. She m. Elmer Lard who was b. 14 Oct 1894 and d. Apr 1981. Children:
    1. Vivian Lard, b. 27 Aug 1914 and d. 2 Nov 2000
    2. Murtry Finwick Lard, b. 15 Feb 1916 and d. 17 Apr 1975
    3. Lloyd Ernest Lard, b. 1924 and d. 1985
    4. (dau.) Lard, living in 2005.

Who are Caroline Prentice's Parents?

The 1830 Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co., OH census shows 2 men with families who might be Caroline Prentice's father:

  1. D. Prentis. Although children's names were not listed in the 1830 census, he did have a daughter b. c. 1815. Her State of birth is not given.
  2. G. Prentiss. He, too, had a daughter b. c. 1815. Her State of Birth is not given.

When they moved to Livingston Parish, LA, apparently none of Caroline Prentice's brothers accompanied them; no person surnamed Prentice, Prentis or Prentiss appears in the 1830, 1840 or 1850 Livingston Parish, LA, census. Chapmans do not appear in the 1860 Livingston Parish census.

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