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Robert James Prentice of Toronto and San Francisco, CA

Robert James Prentice of Toronto and San Francisco, CA
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Spring 2003 and Revised 24 Dec 2012

Note: This article combines information contained in our other article on Caroline Prentice of Harriston, Ontario, Canada . This article now replaces that earlier article.

We are helping Beverlee Paradise in tracing the roots of her Robert James Prentice. Here is what we have so far:

1. Caroline/Carlin Prentice, apparently a widow, was b. c. 1839 in Ontario and was a Dress Maker, Presbyterian, in the 1881 census in Harriston, Wellington North, Ontario, Canada. Children shown in the 1881 census:

  1. James A. Prentice, b. c. 1859, Ontario. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [2]
  2. John S. Prentice, b. c. 1861, Ontario.
  3. Odnel M. Prentice. b. c. 1863, Ontario.
  4. Mary M. Prentice, b. c. 1865, Ontario.
  5. Georgine C. Prentice, b. c. 1868, Ontario.
  6. Mild. (Mildred?) M. Prentice, b. c. 1875, USA.

2. James A. Prentice, b. c. 1859, Ontario. The 1930 US census says he was from "English Canada". He is buried in Toronto, York Co., Canada. However, Deeds show that James owned land in Pittsfield, MA in 1903 and resided at 90 Summer Av. with his wife and family (per Fred Printiss, citing the 1900 census).

    Note: By email of 4 Jan 2009, Fred Printiss relates that the above-referenced Deed shows James A. Prentice of Pittsfield selling lot #61 to Alma M Smith. His wife also signs this note as Margaret McGurn Prentice - wife of James A Prentice. It is unclear whether "McGurn" is a maiden surname, middle name, or name from a prior marriage.

He m. Margaret Pujolas (per James' Death Certificate). She, too, was born in "English Canada" according to the 1930 census. Margaret Pujolas and her family appear in the 1881 census for Maryborough, Wellington North, Ontario. Margaret later appears, as a widow, in the 1920 and 1930 Pittsfield, MA census, IN 1920 she was living with her sister, Natalie Pujolas and so, and son, Donald D. Prentice. Her age in 1930 is given as 56 (b. c. 1874); that might be an error as the 1881 seems to identify her as "Maggie Jane Pujolas", b. c. 1864.

By email of 21 Sep 2006, Lynn Belliveau, identifies Margaret as a daughter of Robert Belliveau and his first wife, name unknown. Lynn also relates that Robert & his second wife had a son named William. Margaret and William are half-siblings. Lynn's mother-in-law is a daughter of this William Pujolas.

James and Margaret had 3 or more children, including:

  1. Robert James Prentice. b. 12 Oct 1889. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [3]
  2. Colonel Prentice, b. 18 Dec 1890 and d. Apr 1973 in Muskegon, MI, His SS # is 336-12-0871. (per email of 26 Feb 2003 and SSDI) He is likely the Colonel Prentice, b. c. 1890 in MA and who appears in the 1930 census in Norton Shores, Muskegon, MI with his wife, Irene, b. c. 1894, MI, where he was a salesman for an oil company. No children are shown.
  3. Donald D. Prentice, b. 1 Feb 1893 and d. Feb 1971 in Albany, NY, SS #100-34-5227. He is thought to have been Chief Surgeon at Children's Hospital in Albany, NY. He does not appear in the 1930 census. 1940 census he is a physician living in Guilderland, Albany Co., NY, with his wife, Jane, b. c. 1903, NY; no children shown.

3. Robert James Prentice, b. 12 Oct 1889 and probably in Toronto, Canada He is probablythe Robert Prentice shown in the California Death Index who was b. 12 Oct 1889 in Canada and d. 17 Dec 1953 in San Francisco, CA.

Robert James Prentice m., 1st, Unknown. Son:

  1. Stuart Prentice, perhaps b. c. 1907-8. He may be the Stuart Prentice shown in the SSDI as b. 21 Jul 1922, who received his SS# in CT, and who d. Jan 1974 at an unspecified location.

Robert m., 2nd, Ara "Sheri" Alleene Dayton, probably about 1925-30 in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA. She was b. 30 Jul 1906 in Salinas, CA. Children:

  1. Robert A. Prentice (Dayton). b. 1927, San Francisco, CA.
  2. Eugene A. Prentice, b. 1928, San Francisco, CA.
  3. Mary Margaret Prentice (Dayton), b. 1929, b. San Francisco, CA.

Robert and Mary were later adopted by Sheri's parents, hence the Dayton surname following their birth name.

Robert may have m. a 3rd time to Unknown as he was listed as a widower on his death certificate.

Who are James Prentice's Parents?

With the information about the Pujolas family in Maryborough, Wellington North, Ontario, we might have an answer to that question.

Our 11 Mar 2003, we published an article on Caroline Prentice, apparently a widow, who appears in the 1881 census in Harriston, Wellington North, Ontario, Canada. One of her sons was James A. Prentice, b. c. 1859, Ontario.

While we could not find Maryborough on our map, it has to lie quite near Harriston and James' birth date is such that he could well be the husband of Margaret since people tended to marry people who lived not very far away. The article about Caroline Prentice can be found in our Spring 2003 issue at Caroline Prentice of Harriston

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