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Perez Prentice 2003 Update

Perez Prentice 2003 Update
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Fall 2003 and Revised 5 Nov 2016

Update of 5 Nov 2016: Perez Prentice #21.10 in our Thomas Prentice eBook and is the son of Ebenezer Prentice (son of Samuel Prentice and Abigail Billings; Samuel Prentice is a descendant of the immigrant Thomas Prentice of Newton, MA)

Update of 13 Oct 2016. Perez Prentice is #21.10 in our Thomas Prentice eBook. That now replaces this article.

Introduction: Over recent years we have, from time to time, published articles about Perez Prentice. In this article we have pulled together all the information in those earlier articles. This article now covers all presently known information about him.

1. Perez Prentice. The first half of his life is an enigma:

    His name: His first name may, or may not, be Perez. According to a footnote on pg. 336 of Binney's 1883 PRENTICE book, "Orange Benton Prentiss' letter to E. C. Prentiss, from Strickling, Texas, Dec 7, 1876...spelled his [Orange's] father's name [as] Peris..."

    One could infer that "Peris" may be "Paris" who, in Greek legand, was a son of Priam, King of Troy; his kidnapping of Helen, wife of Menelaus, caused the Trojan War.

    A review of Preston and Stonington birth and church records seem to leave it an open question whether "Perez" is a misspelling of "Peris", or vice-versa, or whether both were correct spellings of separate names. Those records show the following baptisms:

    1. Perez Partridge, son of Samuel Partridge and Deborah Rose, b. Jun 19, 1720
    2. Periss, son Saxton Palmer and Sarah Richardson of Stonington, b Feb 17, 1724/25
    3. Peris Swan, son John Swan and Lucy Denison, b Oct 3, 1739, Stonington, CT.
    4. Perez Swan, son John & Mary, b May 18, 1767
    5. Peris Hewitt, son Charles Hewitt & Hannah, b Apr 29, 1770
    6. Peris Hillard/Hilliard, son Asariah Hillard/Hilliard & Sarah, b Nov 4, 1792
    7. Peris Swan (b. c. 1770-4?), m Hannah Brown, b of Stonington, May 25, 1794, by Eleazer Brown, Elder. They had at least 1 daughter, Hannah Swan, b June 24, 1795
    8. Perez Hewitt (b. c. 1800?) & Abby S. Crandall m. 13 Nov 1823 - by Rev. Ira Hart Notes: "Perez Hewitt of North Stonington,"
    9. Perez F. Stoddard, b. c. 1827 and d. Ledyard, CT Feb 10, 1849, age 22

    Birth Date and place: According to Binney's 1883 ed. at pg. 335, Perez was born in 1773 at Stonington, CT. There are, however, problems with both the date and place:

    1. Date: An 1810 Hinsburg, Chittenden, VT census from Bill Semeyn in his letter of 30 Dec 1996, says Perez was born before 1765, and the Dickinson, Franklin, NY census of 1840 indicates he was born between 1750-60.

    2. Place: A review of Preston, Stonington, Barbour, and IGI records do not show any record of any Perez/Peris Prentice in any of those time frames. From that absence, one could reasonable infer that he may have been born elsewhere.

    Death: Perez died at the home of his son, Amos, in Dickinson, Franklin Co., NY after 1840.

    Occupation: According to Binney's 1883 book at pg. 335, Perez was a blacksmith, a trade which Perez learned in New London, CT.

    First Marriage: Perez m. 1st Unknown. The only information we have about her is from Marjorie Cooper's email of 21 Aug 2001 (based on a Preston record) showing that she died in 1789 at the age of 28 (b. c. 1861) in Preston, CT. She is not called a "widow" in those records as seems to be customary in those records. From that record, one can infer 2 things:

    1. That Perez was likely about the same age; that Perez was likely b. c. 1856-61 (a date consistent with census records), and

    2. That Perez was probably living in Preston in 1789 and that it was after that date that he moved to VT approximately 1804-5.

    Binney's 1883 book also relates that Perez had a son of that first marriage:

    1. John Prentice, b. c. 1889, or earlier, and probably in, or near, Preston, CT.. . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . [21.12]

    Second Marriage: Perez Prentice married, 2nd, Rebecca Benton of Wethersfield, CT in 1797. Wethersfield lies just south of Hartford and about 33 miles NW of Preston. Rebecca was b. 21 Feb 1773, Wethersfield Twp., Hartford Co., CT, dau. of John Benton and his wife, Mary. For a more complete ancestry of Rebecca Benton, see Footnote 3.

    She might be related to "Orange Benton" who appears in the 1800 census in Loonenburgh, Greene Co., NY and in the 1820 census in Athens, Greene Co., NY, but, if so, the link goes back 4 or moregenerations (see Footnote 3).

    After their marriage, Perez and his family moved to Hinesburg, Chittenden Co., VT. His daughter, Harriet (Prentiss) Potter, born 1804, indicates, in a letter apparently addressed to Binney, that the family moved to New York State about 1805 (but see Fn. 1). Children by his second wife:

    1. Orange Benton Prentice.
    2. Harriet Prentice.
    3. Amos Prentice.
    4. Julia A. Prentice.
    5. Emily Prentice.

    21.12 John Prentice. We don't have a birth date for John, but working backward from the 20 Apr 1813 birth of his first known child, John was probably b. c. 1788-89. Binney says John lived in OH.

    We do not know for certain who "John Prentice" of OH is, but we have located a John P. Prentice in the 1820 Greene, Chenango Co., NY census as well as an older man, Stanton Prentice. In a more detailed discussion, below, we note that Binney's 1883 book, in a footnote on pg. 336, says Perez had a brother named Stanton Prentice.

    While one might infer, based on their living in the same town, that Stanton is Perez' father, there might be another possibility. Since Perez, in 1788-9 was a widower with an very young son and did not marry again until 1797, Perez might have entrusted his brother, Stanton, to care for, and rear, young John if Stanton were married. We do not have any information whether Stanton was married and had a family, but Stanton was born sometime between 1760-75, so it is possible that he did have a family when John was an infant. (See Fn. 2)

    Providing some corroboration about John P. Prentice being Perez's son, John, is that fact that John did live in OH. One could also speculate that the middle initial, "P." stood for "Perez."

    Much additional information about Perez' descendants can be found in our eBook about him and can be obtained by contacting us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email. If you don't use the foregoing link, your email to us may be deleted as spam by our email filter.

    Move from VT to NY:  : Marjorie Cooper notes that Binney, in a footnote on pg. 336, quotes Perez' daughter, Harriet, as saying that Perez moved from VT to NY when Harriet was a uear old. Marjorie points out that Harriet was b. in 1804 and that Harriet's letters implies that they moved to NY about 1805. However, Marjorie says:

    • Perez is shown in the 1810 Hinesburg, VT census.
    • Harriet's youngest sister, Emily, was b. in Chittenden Co., VT in 1814.
    • Perez is shown in the 1820 Hinsburg, VT census.
    • Emily Prentice m. Henry Hewitt in Charlotte, VT in 1833.

    Thus, it would appear that Perez' move to NY was likely no earlier than 1820 and perhaps after 1833.

    Ancestry of Rebecca Benton. The following material is from the Shoop-Lunan Family at http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=DESC&db=:2631946&id=I532173105&ti=4317 :

      1 Nathaniel BENTON b: 9 Apr 1718 d: 3 Dec 1753 (son of Samuel Benton and Mary Bradford, per IGI)
      + Dorothy COOK b: 20 Jul 1720
        2 John BENTON b: 13 Mar 1746 d: 6 Feb 1808
          + Mary BLIM b: 1744 d: 6 Jun 1789
            3 Rebecca BENTON b: 21 Feb 1773
              + Perez PRENTICE b: 1773
                4 Emily PRENTICE b: 27 Jan 1814 d: 15 Mar 1898
                  + Henry HEWITT b: 16 Oct 1810 d: 29 Dec 1897
                    5 Maude Idell HEWITT b: 15 Jan 1859 d: 15 Jul 1942
                      + Hendrich Alfred BRADLEY b: 8 Jan 1857 d: 14 Jun 1917
                        6 Leland R. BRADLEY b: 30 Jan 1883
                        6 Vivian K. BRADLEY b: 8 Mar 1886
                        6 Leo H. BRADLEY b: 3 Feb 1890
                        6 Percy P. BRADLEY b: 3 Jul 1892
                        6 Grace P. BRADLEY b: 22 Jul 1894
                          + Ray P. BROTEBRECK b: 1883
                        6 Harvey V. BRADLEY b: 23 Jul 1896
                        6 Hazel D. BRADLEY b: 5 May 1898
                        6 Beulah Belle BRADLEY b: 22 Mar 1900 d: 1977
                          + Francis Alexander LUNAN b: 8 Feb 1894 d: 1982
                    5 Aseneth HEWITT b: 1835
                    5 Caroline HEWITT
                    5 Ezekial G. HEWITT b: 26 Jan 1838
                    5 Anson HEWITT
                    5 Nancy Louise HEWITT b: 8 Oct 1846 d: Mar 1927
                    5 Cyrus Washburn HEWITT b: 22 Oct 1846 d: 3 Oct 1929
                      + Mary THOMPSON d: 1934
                    5 Emeline HEWITT
                    5 Electra HEWITT b: 1853
                    5 Harriett HEWITT
                    5 Everetta HEWITT b: 1855
                    5 Mary HEWITT
                    5 Henrietta HEWITT
                    5 Orson HEWITT b: 4 Nov 1843 d: 9 Dec 1862
                4 Orange PRENTICE b: 1807
                4 Harriet PRENTICE b: 1804
                4 Amos PRENTICE
                4 Jules PRENTICE
            3 Nathaniel BENTON b: 29 Jun 1765
            3 George BENTON b: 1 Jul 1765
            3 Mary BENTON b: 30 Jan 1771
            3 Hannah BENTON b: 14 May 1775 d: 14 May 1775
            3 Dorothy BENTON b: 22 Aug 1776
            3 John BENTON b: 16 Feb 1779
            3 Simean BENTON b: 15 Apr 1781
            3 Nancy BENTON b: 14 Mar 1784
            3 Hariet BENTON b: 22 Mar 1786
        2 Mary BENTON b: 30 Mar 1751\

    If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please send your information to us at the Prentice Newsletter. Be sure to give the full title and date of this article in the Subject line of the email.

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