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Prentices of East and West Hanningfield, Essex, England

Prentices of East and West Hanningfield, Essex, England
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Winter 2004 and Revised 24 Nov 2004

In reviewing IGI records we found a number of Prentice families both in East Hanningfield and in West Hanningfield, Essex Co., England.

Prentice christenings in West Hanningfield where no parents are identified. It would appear logical to infer that many of those christenings belong to the same family:

  1. Margery Prentice, Chr: 19 Feb 1575, West Hanningfield, Essex
  2. Abraham Prentice, Chr: 22 Mar 1577, West Hanningfield, Essex
  3. Richard Prentis, Chr: 24 Feb 1578, West Hanningfield, Essex
  4. John Prentis. Chr: 19 Oct 1600, West Hanningfield, Essex
  5. Elsabeth Prentis, Chr: 11 Sep 1603, West Hanningfield, Essex
  6. Ruth Prentis, Chr: 23 Jun 1605, West Hanningfield, Essex. She is likely the Ruth Prentis who m. Henrie Ingolde on 6 Nov 1623, West Hanningfield, Essex. Daughter (per IGI):
    1. Annie Ingold, chr. 15 Dec 1625, West Hanningfield, Essex, England
    2. Christian Prentis, Chr: 21 Dec 1606, West Hanningfield, Essex. She m. Thomas Neale on 25 Aug 1628 in West Hanningfield.
    3. Thomas Prentis, Chr: 19 Feb 1608, West Hanningfield, Essex
    4. Jane Prentis, Chr: 14 Jun 1611, West Hanningfield, Essex

    Prentice christenings in West Hanningfield where parents are identified:

    1. Margeret Prentice, Chr: 27 May 1574, West Hanningfield, Essex,, dau. of John Prentice and Elizabeth She might be the Margaret Prentice who m. William Rasen on 24 Sep 1592 West Hanningfiel. She might also be the Margaret Prentice m., perhaps as a 2nd husband, Thomas Larken on 28 Aug 1597, West Hanningfield.
    2. Joane Prentis, Chr: 9 Jan 1614, West Hanningfield, Essex, dau. of James Prentis
    3. Martha Prentis, Chr: 2 Jan 1639, West Hanningfield, Essex, dau. of Thomas Prentis and Martha

    Prentice marriages in West Hanningfield:

    1. William Prentis/Prentice, b. c. 1514 and d. 1574, Essex, m. Elizabeth and had:
      1. John Prentis/Prentice, b. c. 1540 and d. bef. 1597.
    2. John Prentis m. Katherin Butcher on 30 Apr 1610, West Hanningfield, Essex

    Prentice christenings in East Hanningfield where parents are identified:

    1. Mary Prentice, Chr: 2 Dec 1641, East Hanningfield, Essex, dau. of Joseph and Margaret
    2. Walter Prentice, Chr: 17 Mar 1643, East Hanningfield, Essex, son of Thomas and Martha
    3. Martha Prentice, Chr: 19 May 1646 East Hanningfield, Essex, dau. of Joseph Prentice
    4. Martha Prentis, Chr: 30 Jan 1647, East Hanningfield, Essex, dau. of Joseph and Mararet

    Prentice marriages in East Hanningfield:

    1. John Prentis of East Hanningfield, Essex Co., England. We have no birth date for John, but based on the birth of his children, he was likely born 1540-55. Children:
      1. Elizabeth Prentis, chr. 29 Jun 1572, East Hanningfield
      2. John Prentis, chr. 29 Nov 1573, East Hanningfield.
      3. Bryget/Bridget Prentis, chr. 19 Jun 1575, East Hanningfield.
      4. Richard Prentis, chr. 1 Sep 1577, East Hanningfield.

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