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Boyd's Marriages: Prentice

Boyd's Marriages: Prentice
Spring 2003 and Revised 28 Feb 2003

By email of 27 Feb 2003, Kerry Prentice has provided us with the following listings from "Boyd's Marriages" showing Prentice marriages in Essex County, England:

1753	Jonathan Prentice m. Sara Reed 		Hallingbury Lit
1753	Jabez Prntice m An Palmer 		Theydon Garnon
1756	Simon Prentice m. Han Golden 		Halstead
1761	Thomas Prentice m. Elizabeth Buttle 	Heliona Bumpstead
1764	Francis Prentice m. Elizabeth Parmenter Rivenhall
1765	William Prentice m. Susan Judd 		White Roding
1765	John Prentice m. Sara Winterflood 	Halstead
1767	Abr Prentice & Hannah Davis 		Halstead
1768	George Prentice and An Burrows		Chishall Gt
1769	Thomas Prentice and Susan Gurdon	Halstead
1770	Stephen Prentice and Hannah Moss	Stisted(?)
1772	WilliamPrentice and Elizabeth Wisby	Chishal Lit
1773	Ben Prentice and Sara Keis		Halstead
1773	Simon Prentice and Mary Jonson		Halstead
1776	John Prentice and Susan Colman		Halstead
1776	James Prentice and Susan Newton		Halstead
1776	James Prentice and Sarah Tiler		Cressing
1779	George Prentice and Mary Nun		Chishall Gt
1783	Isaac Prentice and Elizaeth Kirkum	Stisted
1784	Thomas Prentice and Sarah Crampton	Notley White
1789?	Daniel APrentice and Ann Whitney	Gosfield
1790	Golden N. Prentice and Ann Tabor	Bocking
1790	Robert Prentice and Martha Meggs	Willincale Spain
1791	Golding Prentice and Hannah Green	Halstead
1792	John A. Prentice and Frances Holmes	Halstead
1797	Abr Prentice and Sarah Tirell		Halstead
1801	John Prentice and Elizabeth Morely	Sandon
1802	Joseph Prentice and Susan Stanhope	Halstead
1812	Simon Prentice and Mary Disny		Halstead
1816	John Prentice and Elizabeth Smith	Braintree
1822	John Prentice and Mary Percival		Leighs Gt
1828	Joseph Prentice and Sarah Searle	Leighs Gt
1834	Stephen Prentice & Ann Mansfield 	Roxwell
1836	Anthony Prentice & Elizabeth Richardson Braintree
1838	William Prentice and Hannah Gibbons	Burnham

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