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Maria Prentiss of Colleton Co., SC

Maria Prentiss of Colleton Co., SC
By Linus Joseph Dewald, Editor
Summer 2002 and Revised 22 Mar 2008

Update of 22 Mar 2008: Maria is the daughter of William Fripp Prentiss and granddaughter of William Otis Prentiss, descendants of Thomas Prentice of Newton, MA .

We are helping Norma Middleton Armstrong in tracing her Prentice roots. Here is what we have so far:

Maria Prentiss was b. in 1870 and d. 1954 per her headstone in St. Paul's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Chapel Rd., Yonges Island, SC. She appears in the 1880 census of Adams Run, Colleton Co., SC, in the household of Edward Delegal LaRoche (b. c. 1820 SC) his wife, Elizabeth Jenkins(b. c. 1830, SC), and children: (1) Julia Laroche, b. c. 1853, SC, (2) Jenkins Laroche, b. c. 1860, SC, and (3) Mary Prentiss, b. c. 1869, SC.

She m. Henry Blancit/Blancitt Sanders, b. 1860 and d. Jan 1953. He is buried near his wife. Children (per Norma Middleton Armstrong):

  1. Oscar Belton Sanders, b. 4 Oct 1890 and d. 25 Mar 1933.
  2. Thomas Clark "Clark" Sanders, b. 12 Oct 1896 and d. 20 Sep 1974. He m. Mary Smoak. They lived on Park Island, off of White Point Road, off of Hwy 174 in a rural area known as Yonges Island, SC. The property was refered to as Park Island and the property has now been subdivided into tracts of small acreage. Clark ran a dairy farm on waterfront acreage owned by Maria/Henry Children:
    1. Ernest Sanders.
    2. Belton Sanders.
    3. Thomas/Tommy. Died 2 Oct 1988.
    4. Mary Clark Sanders.
  3. Henry Blancitt Sanders Jr., b. 26 Jan 1898 and d. 19 Jul 1924.
  4. Benjamin Kistler "Kistler" Sanders, b. 7 Dec 1900 and d. 24 Mar 1967. He was a farmer that lived at home with Maria/Henry in their old waterfront home. The house was torn down around 1960 and on that site now stands a two story brick home owned by James (Jimmy) Futch. Jimmy is a grandson of Maria/Henry as his mother Derrel Sanders Futch Dewar, was their daughter
  5. Marian Sanders, b. 16 Mar 1903 and d. 8 Dec 1990. She m. Francis Towles Perry Sr. Children:
    1. Dickie Perry.
    2. Francis Perry (son).
    3. Bea Perry.
    4. (son) Perry who d. in a hunting accident.
  6. John "Jack" Prentiss Sanders Sr., b. 12 May 1905 and d. 14 Mar 1994. He m. Marguerite Allston, b. 22 Jul 1920. He owned Fairview Plantation off of Hwy 174, Yonges Island, SC and for many years commercially grew camellias and azaleas in vast numbers. Jack's wife, Marguerite, lives in a nursing home in Summerville, SC. Children:
    1. John Sanders.
    2. Henry Sanders. He m. Linda and they own and operated Fairview Nursery.
    3. Marguerite "Little Mar" Sanders is married and lives in the Augusta, GA. area.
  7. Margaret "Miss Doozie" Sanders, b. 7 Oct 1908 and d. 19 Nov 1946 at the age of only 38 of a brain hemorrhage. She m. Benjamin Floyd. Margaret ran a boarding house for school teachers and had 3 children:
    1. Maria Elizabeth Floyd. She m. Mr. Middleton.
    2. Benjamin Floyd Jr.
    3. Mary Margaret Floyd Munn Mullinax.
  8. Derrel Sanders. She d. c. 1990-2000. She m. 1st Morgan Futch. Sons:
    1. Jimmy Futch.
    2. Lally Futch.

    Derrel m. 2nd Mac Dewar. Derrel owned a home several doors down from her sister Margaret and several hundred yards from her other sister Marian.

Who are the parents of Maria Prentiss?

It was initially thought Maria Prentiss might be a daughter of William Otis Prentiss of Colleton, SC. However, an analysis of his family appears to exclude Maria as his daughter.

The only clue we have so far is their family tradition that Maria (pronounced "Mariah"), was her mother's only child, that Maria's mother then died and Maria's father then remarried and had numerous other children.

A close review of our Colleton Co., SC, Prentice records do not disclose any Maria Prentiss b. c. 1870.

If you have any information about the folks mentioned in this article, please contact us at dewald@prenticenet.com.

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