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Joseph Eddy of Chester Co., PA

Joseph Eddy of Chester Co., PA
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer 2002 and Revised 25 May 2004

For those Prentice researchers who have a root going back to Joseph Eddy of Chester County, PA, we have uncovered some new information.


A more detailed discussion about Joseph Eddy can be found at Joseph Eddy Family , but the follow is a brief summary of that information.

The date and place of Joseph's birth is unclear and is a question which has plagued family researchers for years. There are different theories:

  1. A family history written by Joseph Eddy's great-great-great grandson, A. Marshall Eyanson says that Joseph "came from a manufacturing town in England called France."

  2. The 1980 Supplement to the Eddy Family Association's book, under "Latecomers," references a book written in 1965 by John William Edie of Missouri entitled an Edie Genealogy, and published by the R. Wallace Pischel Printing Company of Marceline, MO.

    Edie references a particular family having a family tradition that 3 to 5 brothers came to America with their families from Ireland, or Scotland, and settled initially in Woodbridge, NJ, and Davod Samuel and John later moved to the York-Gettysburg area of PA while Joseph settled in Chester County, PA. Edoe os vague about whether Joseph is a brother: he says Joseph is either a "4th brother or close relative".

    Edie adds that "Even though there is no proof of genealogical connection (with the group from Ireland), all logical reason would classify this JOSEPH EDIE as a brother of Samuel Sr., David Sr., and John Sr. (all of whom came from Ireland)" and that "There is evidence of close social relationships with the EDIES of the York, PA area." Unfortunately, Edie does not tells what that evidence is.


First, a word of caution. The information set out below is gathered from various sources, but those sources fail to provide supporting documentation and fail to cite original sources in support of such information. Consequently, such information should be viewed only as suggesing investigative leads to be pursued.

The information comes from:

  1. Kay McGaffick's email of 6 Apr 2002. She says she received it from her deceased sister, but so far she has been unable to identify her sister's sources.
  2. The LDS Ancestral File and IGI.
  3. The LDS Ancestral File and Pedigree Resource File identify the following submitters of that information:
    1. Raymond Lane Montgomery, 1715 South 50 West, Bountiful, UT, 84010, Submission: AF95-111898.
    2. Roy Vickie Thompson, P O Box 177, 341 E. Deer VAlley Dr., Morgan, UT, 84050-0177, Submission: AF97-102248.
    3. Raejena Allred. By email, of 7 Apr 2002, she says the information came from her sister, now deceased, and that her sister's file has not yet been located.
    We tried to find email addresses for Raymond Lane Montgomery and Roy Vickie Thompson so we could contact them, but had no luck.

The Ancestral File and LDS Pedigree Resource File show a "William Eddy Rev", b. 1655 at an unspecified location in Scotland. The IGI also shows a Will Edie, chr. 8 Jul 1655 at Ardclach, Nairn, Scotland, son of William Edie. It is unclear whether he is the same person shown in the Ancestral File and Pedigree Resource File.

Those sources then say that William had 4 sons: David, Samuel, John and Joseph. It also says that David, Samuel and John emigrated to America, eventually settling to the York-Gettysburg area. According to those sources, the 4th brother, Joseph, settled in Chester County, PA. If the information about Joseph is correct, than he would almost certainly be the Joseph Prentice whose daughter, Anna, and her descendants, married into the Eckenrode/Eyanson/Prentice lines (see Joseph Eddy Family ).

Finally, remember that the above information does not come with supporting documentation and does not come from original sources. Such information should be viewed only as suggesing investigative leads to be pursued.

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