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C. Prentice, artist

Who is "C. Prentice, Artist"?
By Linus Joseph Dewald Jr., Editor
Summer 2001 and Revised 1 Aug 2009

Update of 1 Aug 2009: Eight years ago we receive a request from Charlie Prentice to help find the artist named C. Prentice who painted marine scenes. He has not been found, so we are posting the article again in the hope that the artist can be identified.

We received an interesting email from Charlie Prentice asking our help in identifying an artist he is seeking. His letter reads, in part, as follows:

    I worked for nearly thirty years for General Motors, the last twenty or so in a salary position. In this position I had the authority to sign for items of great value so I had to leave a copy of my signature with the Company treasurer. Because I signed so many times I shortened the signature to "C Prentice". The way I wrote it was my own handwriting and pretty distinctive.

    Approximately twenty five years ago (about 1976) I took the family to Mystic Seaport in Connecticut. In case your are not familiar Mystic is a replica of a 1700"s whaling village with displays, a real whaling ship (The Charles Morgan) and many other displays. It also has a fine art museum of marine art showing life in that period. One of the paintings caught my eye and then I noticed it was signed C. Prentice. The creepy thing was that not only was it my name but it was my [pretty distinctive] signature... I pointed this out to my wife but the kids were young and getting antsey so we had to get out of there and get them taken care of.

    I have been back several times and tried to find that painting again but to no avail. I talked to the curator of the museum but he was no help at all. I know they move those paintings around from one museum to another but I would like to know how this came about.

    Do you have any history of a C Prentice being an artist? I have tried for some time now to find an answer to this, but to no avail [and] it has bothered me for over twenty years now. I am just looking for some information somewhere that I haven't tried before...

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