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If you're looking for that elusive Prentice/ss/s individual, feel free to post your question here. All queries posted to this page are also posted to the PrenticeNet mailing list!

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I am searching for information regarding Robert Prentice, a ploughman, b. ~1762 (one ancestry tree has his birth year 1785 but no other information on him), Scotland. He was married to or had a child with Agnes Boyd b ~1773. The child, Margaret Prentice was baptized 21 Jan 1804 in Dalserf, Lanark, Scotland, so born in 1803? I can find no other information about him. It's likely Agnes died while Margaret was very young as a Robert Prentice, also a ploughman, married Elizabeth Frame in 1806, a widow, later and had four more children, John b 1809, Ann b 1810, Robert b 1811 and Alexander Prentice b 1815 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. (I originally did not know of Ann until I found the other ancestry tree.) They would be Margaret's half siblings if it is the same Robert. Robert would be my 3rd great-grandfather, and his daughter, Margaret, would be my 2nd great-grandmother. Any additional information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

» Amy Schelich  [added: 2019-07-08]
Hi I am doing research on my father's side of the family. His mother name is Leda Vir, her father is Theophile Vir, his father is Norbert Vir, his father is Peter Veer who was married to Mary Ann Prentice which is written in many different ways as you mention all things Prentice. I know she was born in 1794 and was married November 20, 1814 to Peter in Quebec. I am looking for her parents names which seems quite evasive. Some say she is from England, others say she is from the states and some say she was native. Any opportunity for some clarity and direction I need to take will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Irene

» Irene Corbin  [added: 2019-05-19]
I am looking for any information on Edward (Addison Dale) Prentice born about 1880 married Mary Martha Ball 1885-1917. they were married on 2-5-1908. They had 4 children Eleanor Marie Prentice Fernbach, Ezekiel Emerson Prentice, William Prentice and Emmett Prentice. Edward's parents were William James Prentice and Elsie Jane Sine. They had several children. Eva Prnetice, Edward, Clarence and Audrey Butch.

» Regina Prentice Williamson  [added: 2019-02-28]
I am looking for the parents for my greatgrandfather Alexander Prentice born, I believe in Ontario Canada 1857, d Lake Stevens, WA 1936. I believe his dad was from Nova Scotia, unsure though. Also would like to know his mother's name and place of origin. I believe he has mixed bloodline of Scottish and First Nations from Canada. I do know he immigrated to US, state of WI in 1883 and my grandad name is Daniel E Prentice, b. 1897 in WI and d 1974, in Snohomish Co., WA state. My goal is to see if the First Nations blood line exists in my family as my grandma told us it did but didn't get chance to ask her more before her death. Thank you!

» Daniel Prentice  [added: 2019-02-19]
Hi I am trying to track a Prentice family who are in Rochford, Hockley, Paglesham and Canewdon. They are mostly labourers so not of the same social level as the main family on this site, but so close physically as makes it seem impossible that there is no connection. My connection is via Thomas Prentice b. 1809 at Canewdon, who married Sarah Heigho June qtr 1854 probably at Canewdon. His father was William Prentice who married Sarah Smith 1 May 1793 at Canewdon. I am also connected to 'sideways', but not related to, Tabors and Englishs at Bocking and Braintree, and via that line to Golden Prentice. It would be interesting to know whether there is any connection between the two apparently disparate families. Many thanks John

» John Phillips  [added: 2019-01-06]
This is a test query to make sure things are working properly after the website updates. Note that queries posted to PrenticeNet are forwarded to the PRENTICE mail list .. but you can't reply to the original poster via email (that person may not be on the list) .. you have to click the link in the email to get back to the query on the website. Then reply via the form on the website. Cheers!

» Scott Prentice  [added: 2018-06-28]
I am looking for information about Margaret Prentice, 1780-1844 married to James Mann. I believe she had a daughter Jean Mann who married my ancestor James Brocket. My family comes from Carnwath, Lanarkshire. Your website is fascinating.

» Janet Lawrence  [added: 2018-05-13]
Hi I just discovered this website by accident . I am the daughter of Agnes Elizabeth Jean Nicholson Nee Prentice born June 1937 she had brothers Jim Carl and Stuart sisters Gail, and Ann am searching for my roots

» Sheila Timleck  [added: 2018-04-13]
Hi there, I just came across your website and thought I would add that I am related to the Prentice family. My grandmother is Ann Prentice, one of Ann's 9 children. I know a little bit about the family and have visited Jericho, in Oundle. I also have various photographs etc. of the family and a desk that was made by Samuel Prentice. Anne Kym

» Anne Kym Spinella  [added: 2018-03-29]
Hi! I've come to possess a number of photos of a family from SoCal, and a handful of these pictures are of Robert Arthur Prentice, Born 1921, died 1945. He was the son of Arthur Spaulding Prentice, Jr. I've been contacting family I can find on Ancestry and Facebook, and sending digital copies, and I'd be glad to do that for you, too. I purchased the photos from someone who buys old pics from storage shed auctions, and my only goal is to find as many people related as possible, because it seems very sad to me that these pictures are lost to the families. These are great shots of Robert, and I'm glad to have folks who are connected see them. I'm also very curious about the family, because I have hundreds of photos, and am hoping to find the connections between folks from different eras. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated, as I'm trying to tie in families from Minnesota, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, California, and, apparently, Connecticut.

» Krista Qirim  [added: 2017-12-31]
Hello/Kiora... I am looking for info on Dads mother Janet Carroll Nee Prentice, b Oct 1888 in Duntroon Otago New Zealand, her parents were James Prentice and Anna Barbelle.. She married Dads farther Walter Francis Carroll in 1928 but he died 14/02/1929 on the Waikato River near Mercer in an accident. She had a brother Isaac Wood Prentice (Uncle Ike) who later lived in Hamilton New Zealand. Also a brother William Prentice another brother called Uncle Jim who had bad arthritis during his life. There are two brothers that left NZ for WW One being ex miners we understand. They returned to NZ after the war but a third unk brother was apparently last seen by them at Liverpool station UK, on their way back to NZ but he didn't actually return to NZ apparently...any info is much appreciated Laurie Carroll

» Laurence Carroll  [added: 2017-12-15]
Searching desperately for the whereabouts of Alexander Prentice and Samuel George Prentice. Possibly born in Ireland or Rhodesia. has lived in Spain many years. Approx 67 years old. Three sons. Two ex wives. Thanks in advance

» Carmel Langdon  [added: 2017-11-22]
If you descend from the famous still-life artist Levi Wells Prentice ( 1851-1935) who worked in New York, here is one of his paintings for your data base: http://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/Levi-Wells-Prentice-American-New-York,-1851_C004299B74/

» Marshel Roy Cunningham  [added: 2017-11-14]
Profile portrait of Major Nathaniel S. Prentice, second New Hampshire from the 1770's ....Revolutionary War. I should have put his name in the query below to save people time. It is an original framed portrait.

» Marshel Roy Cunningham  [added: 2017-11-13]
This old painting /drawing is coming up for sale. I thought he might be in the data base and some descendant might want to copy his picture before he sells. He should also be saved on the data base. The address is: http://www.auctionzip.com/auction-lot/American-School-19th-century,-Profile-portrait-of_77049E4A51/

» Marshel Roy Cunningham  [added: 2017-11-13]
I am seeking information about the ancestors of Mary M. Prentice/Prentiss (abt 1815 – 8 Sep 1874 Addison, Steuben, New York, USA). She married John Smith Lyon (abt 1807 - ?), son of William Lyon (15 Feb 1769 North Castle, Westchester, New York, USA – 1858) and Styntje Van Der Merkt (? - ?). They had four sons: Prentice/Prentiss George (1831 - 1901), Daniel T. (1850 - ?), Augustus W. (1837 - 1898), and James A. (1849 - 1888). According to John Smith Lyon's biography in a history of Steuben Co., New York, published in 1891, Mary was "of Chenango county," but the 1865 New York state census says that she was born in Delaware Co., New York. So far, I have been unable to connect her with any Chenango or Delaware Co. Prentice/Prentiss families. She and her husband lived in Addison and Erwin Twp. in Steuben Co, New York. Thanks.

» Jennifer Hanson  [added: 2017-10-24]
Why is it that all written text that i can find about the Prentice family only says " some of the Prentice family member's moved to Ireland BUT this topic is not coved in this excerpt " So where can I find this family Does anyone here know Irish history ??? My Ancestry comes from that line of the Prentice Clan. from well know history dating from as the 11th century there was a small family with the last name prentice only 2% of all people with the last name can claim this family. I am one of them dating to my 2nd great-grandfather James Prentice who was born in Ireland in 1821. same as my post from days ago. what my family cant find is the link to James and this family since he was disowned for becoming catholic. my question is where in the world can I find the info I need ?? All history on the Irish Prentice's seem to be a biggest challenge

» Maryfrance Mccauley  [added: 2017-10-01]
Question Has anyone here done the Ancestry DNA test, through Ancestry.com ?? I have and finding tons of family wondering is anyone is on here as well :)

» Maryfrance Mccauley  [added: 2017-10-01]
I am looking for information on my 2nd great grandfather James Prentice born in IRELAND (very important) in 1821 (or there abouts) and Died in Canada (Ontario) in 1862. My family has a full account of his life here in Canada but nothing before or even when he got here in Canada. Its like he never excited before Canada. We know as a fact he was born to a very wealthy family and grew up well off, but in his late teens be had a change of religion (became Catholic) he was then disowned by his family so he stole his families horse and sold it and with that money he bought a ticket to Canada. My family has been searching for information for as long as I been born (35 years) if not more. Anyone know where I can find info or have info info we have is James Prentice (1821-1862) married Jane Muir (1825-1900) Jane was married many times but had three children with James . Mary-ann. Dugald (my great-grandfather) and Daniel who was born after James death and died young at 18

» Maryfrance Mccauley  [added: 2017-09-30]
I'm looking for information about my ancestors, all I know is that my grandfather was Fredrick Edward Prentice, sometimes went by Edward, was born 3/12/1886 supposedly in Syracuse, NY. He died 2/13/1938 in Everett, WA. His mother supposedly died giving childbirth of him and his father, possibly Albert Prentice, would not have anything to do with him because of that. On a marriage certificate I found from when my grandfather married my grandmother, Isabella Robinson on 2/14/1920, he listed his father Albert Prentice and mother Nora "Wooden" Prentice and in a census from 1930 he stated his mother and father were born in New York. I'm at a loss for any further information and would like to find any relatives that might be out there. I understood that my grandfather was raised by his aunt, possibly named Mary. My mother was born in Zanesville, OH so there may have been relatives there in 1922. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've run the course of most ancestry search sites and am now at a dead-end. Thanks for any consideration!

» Don Kessler  [added: 2017-08-11]
Looking for additional information on William Mercer marriage to Louise Jane Prentice. Died in Biscot, Luton Borough Bedfordshire. Grave Marker at https://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=181615469 updated photos on findagrave Oct 2017

» dan spott  [added: 2017-07-21]
I am looking for information on forbears and relatives of my paternal grandparents Frederick Prentice and Eliza Prentice of 49 King Street, Tring, Herts UK. My father was Arthur Prentice b. 1908, Uncle John Prentice went to Vancouver - I seem to remember Royal Oak Avenue, Uncle Bert Prentice was a policeman then a curator at the Natural History museum in Tring, another uncle was a chauffeur for Lord Rothschild (scraps from their kitchen stopped the family from starving I recall), Auntie Kate Prentice moved to Watford and married Harry .......? who worked as a bacon curer for ?Kinghams? Uncle George Prentice stayed in Tring and drove Green Line buses to London. Harry Prentice I was told enlisted underage in WWI - he is named on Tring's ROLL OF HONOUR - Harry Prentice - Private, 2nd Oxfordshire and Bucks Light Infantry, of Tring. Enlisted at Aylesbury. Killed in action on 19 July 1916. Age 18. Son of Frederick and Eliza of 49 King Street. Buried in Laventie Military Cemetery. - http://www.roll-of-honour.com/Hertfordshire/Tring.html

» Roger Prentice  [added: 2017-06-23]
Hello, I'm looking for information on the family of Thomas Prentice born around 1843 in Ireland to William Prentice and Margaret Storie/Storrie. He married Jane Conway in 1 March 1862 in Glasgow. He was on the 1881 census in Partick, Glasgow. He's listed as a ship's labourer. He's not with his family on the 1891 census. I can't find his death certificate but I have found one in Grangemouth for 1888 for a Thomas Prentice who was usually resident in Glasgow, but fell off while working in the shipyards in Grangemouth. He's listed as married but his wife isn't listed and his parents are listed as Thomas Prentice and Mary Ward. I'd be interested if someone knew more about this or had access to local newspapers, maybe his wife's name to see if this is the right person as the age and occupation is right. His children are James, Bella, Henry, Jane, Martha, Charles and Mary who married James Burns. I'd also like more info on his family in Ireland. Thanks in advance.

» Gerry Stewart  [added: 2017-03-04]
William Prentice b: 1821 in Biggar who married Eliz Cairns, is my 6 x Great Grandfather. I'm trying to establish if there was another ( perhaps cousin ) William Prentice born in 1819. I'm currently studying genealogy online with Strathclyde Uni. I'm learning to query everything. Across Ancestry sites and trees and myhertige.com and Family search.com, the year of birth for William Prentice/Eliz Cairns is 1819. Is this coincidence? Many families are listing his parents differently too. I need mine to be accurate. If anyone can give me any help, it would be much appreciated.

» Margaret Black  [added: 2017-01-25]
Re: Henry Prentice of Wigenhall, England.... I discovered this amazing "tree" here on PrenticeNet in 2005... I have studied it quite a lot since and believe I can get back to William the Conquerer, but there are a couple of entries that I'm not sure of:- No. 19 Benjamin Prentis b. 1668 - married Sarah Havering 1689 and No. 20 Benjamin Prentis b.c. 1695... I can't find anything re these... can anyone throw any light on these...I really need help

» patricia batchellor prentice  [added: 2016-12-02]
My paternal grandmother was Ellen Prentice b 1887 at Kenninghall, Norfolk.She had a sister Elizabeth whom I met as a child. I was told she had other siblings. She married William Ching and in 1911 was living with him and their two sons in Paddington, London. The elder son was Hedley William Ching b 1909 and the younger was my father, Herbert Raymond Ching b 1911.My grandmother Ellen died about 1952. I am wondering whether she is the daughter of James Prentice of Kenninghall as listed on the site. Thank you

» Hazel murray  [added: 2016-10-08]
my partner has been left by his mother a beaded belt type cord on it is written Mrs Prentice.... Park End Cottage.... Wishaw... August 11 1877 0n the page 3 Joseph Prentice ( father) we have xi Jessie Prentice b.c.Aug 1877 and d 1 July 1878 age 11mos now our question is how did it get to my friend Ross Heron Nelson New Zealand ..would love to find the history thank you Violet I will send a picture later

» Violet Tasker  [added: 2016-08-28]
I am looking for any information on Edward Prentice or Addison Dale Prentice. Not sure if he is the same man. He married Mary Ball. His parents are William james Prentice and Elsie Jane Sine. He has brothers named Clarence and Audrey butch and a sister named Buelah Augusta. He was born in 1880 or 1885 in Illinois and supposedly died in 1980 or 1985 in Pennsylvania. His wife Mary died in Bellaire Ohio in 1917. They had 4 children Eleanor Prentice Fernbach, Ezekiel Emerson Prentice , William Prentice and Emmett Prentice.

» Regina Prentice Williamson  [added: 2016-06-03]
Nicholas Prentice (d 1740) of Diss, Norfolk (= Ann Downing) left innumerable descendants but his origins remain a mystery. The UK Register of Duties paid for Apprenticeships (see www.ancestry.co.uk) records that Nicholas Prentice (hosier of Diss) became master to Thomas Leech 20th March 1717. Clearly, Nicholas Prentice of Diss was a Master Hosier. Possible origins include • Son of John 18 November 1651 in Stradishall • Son of John (1622-1682) Junior (9.a in Ian’s well researched tree at http://www.prenticenet.com/pnet/news/?/news/2011/prentices_palgrave_england.htm The Nicholas Prentice buried at Palgrave May 6th 1675 may be him, however. • Another possibility: Nicholas Prentice (probably aged ca 14) was bound apprentice 8 March 1663/4 to a Stowmarket worsted weaver. Also:3 April 1661 Mary, daughter of Nicholas Prentice the younger, husbandman, apprenticed to Nicholas Prentice, the elder, tailor of Stowmarket (18 miles away from Diss). The occupation of worsted weaver can be linked to that of hosier (who would often use worsted to make leg wear) and could be interchangeable. Coincidence aside, this raises the possibility that these two men were one and the same. If Nicholas of Stowmarket or Stradishall became Nicholas of Diss, he married late in life (possibly his 1699 marriage to Ann Downing was not his first marriage) and when he died in 1740 he would have been a man of ca 90 years old – and 67 when he became the Master to young Thomas Leech. It may sound a little far-fetched but not impossible. And so my questions: Does anyone have any information about the Stowmarket branch of the Prentice family ? Also does the register make it clear that the Nicholas Prentice who d May 1675 was, indeed, the son of John the hairweaver? Any information/ thoughts on the above will be gratefully received. Thanks for your time Best regards Peter

» Peter W  [added: 2016-03-21]
Hello, I am a researcher trying to find out anything about Private William Prentice S/N 12424, born at West Calder. Regiment/Service Royal Scots, 2nd Bn. We have a War Plaque in the Hokitika Museum collection and we don't know why. Can anyone give me an idea what connection this would have to Hokitika? Many thanks for any assistance. Regards Frosty

» Frosty Theron  [added: 2015-11-18]
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