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Generations on this page:

  1. William Redfield
  2. James Redfield
  3. Theophilus Redfield
  4. Peleg Redfield
  5. Ebenezer Redfield
  6. Orrin Redfield
  7. Robert McCormack Redfield
  8. William Marvin Redfield
  9. Claude L. Redfield
  10. James Bradley and William Marvin Redfield
William Redfield (or Redfin); m. Rebecca _______; he d. April or May 1662; his widow survived him many years, the last record of her is in 1667.

As early as 1639, perhaps earlier, he occupied a house and 4 acres of land on the south side of the Charles River, about 6 miles from Boston. He was one of the settlers of that area. The location is not far from the foot of Nonantum Hill, near the north-westerly corner of what is now Brighton. His house and land are confirmed in the Records of Proprietors of Cambridge, in 1642. He sold his land to Edward Jackson in 1646. William probably went with the younger Winthrop to Pequot (New London), although there is no positive evidence of him there till 1653. He is mentioned in Caulkin's History of New London.

Children of William and Rebecca:

  1. Lydia Redfield, b. abt. 1636; m. 1st, Thomas Bayley; m. 2nd, William Thorne.
  2. Rebecca Redfield, b. abt. 1641; m. Thomas Roach.
  3. James Redfield, b. abt. 1646.
  4. Judith Redfield, b. abt. 1649; m. Alexander Pygan.

The name Redfin appears to have changed to Redfield in this generation, although it is not known if this was an intentional name change or due to clerical errors.

Source: Note 1 p.5

James Redfield (or Redfin); son of William and Rebecca; m. May 1665, New Haven, CT, Elizabeth Howe, dau. of Jeremiah Howe of New Haven; Elizabeth d. bef. 1693; he m. 2nd Deborah, dau. of John Sturges (or Sturgis)

Children of James and Elizabeth:

  1. Elizabeth Redfield, b. 31 May 1670, in New Haven, CT.
  2. Sarah Redfield, b. abt. 1673; m. Daniel Frost.
  3. Theophilus Redfield, b. 1682.

Children of James and Deborah:

  1. Margaret Redfield, bap. 7 Oct. 1694, at Fairfield, CT.
  2. James Redfield, bap. 25 Oct. 1696, at Fairfield, CT.

Source: Note 1 p.8

Theophilus Redfield; son of James and Elizabeth; removed to Killingsworth, CT; m. 24 Dec. 1706, Priscilla Grinnell, aged 17, dau. of Daniel and Lydia Grinnell (or Greenel) of Little Compton, RI, Daniel was the son of Daniel and prob. the grandson of Matthew Grinnell of Portsmouth RI in 1638; He d. 14 Feb. 1759, ae. 77; Priscilla d. 12 Jan. 1770, ae. 81; His gravestone is (in 1860) in the old yard about a mile and a half south of Chestnut Hill; Priscilla is buried in the yard in Clinton near the Congregational Church.

Children of Theophilus and Priscilla:

  1. Daniel Redfield, b. 22 Sept. 1707.
  2. Elizabeth Redfield, b. 8 May 1709.
  3. Richard Redfield, b. 18 June 1711.
  4. Ebenezer Redfield, b. 3 Dec. 1713.
  5. Lydia Redfield, b. 9 Feb. 1715/6.
  6. Theophilus Redfield, b. 6 Sept. 1718.
  7. Priscilla Redfield, b. 20 July 1720.
  8. Peleg Redfield, b. 2 April 1723.
  9. George Redfield, b. 7 Nov. 1725.
  10. William Redfield, b. 5 Dec. 1727.
  11. Josiah Redfield, b.6 Sept. 1730.
  12. Jane Redfield, b. 24 June 1733.
  13. James Redfield, b. 29 March 1735.

Source: Note 1 p.12

Peleg Redfield; son of Theophilus and Priscilla; m. 25 April 1744, Sarah Dudley, b. 20 April 1723, dau. of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Graves) Dudley of Guilford; He d. 5 Dec. 1760; Sarah m. 2 Jan. 1775, Noah Isbell.

Children of Peleg and Sarah:

  1. Beriah Redfield, b. 21 Nov. 1744.
  2. Sarah Redfield, b. 15 Nov. 1746.
  3. Ebenezer Redfield, b. 15 Nov. 1750.
  4. Abigail Redfield, b. 29 Nov. 1753; d. 22 Nov. 1782, unm.
  5. Lydia Redfield, b. 24 Aug. 1756.
  6. Roxana Redfield, b. 24 Feb. 1759.

Source: Note 1 p.19

Ebenezer Redfield; son of Peleg and Sarah; removed from Killingsworth to Conway, MA; m. Mehetabel Dickinson of Conway; he became a farmer; he d. abt. 1823.

Children of Ebenezer and Mehetabel:

  1. Rachel Redfield, b. ?
  2. William Redfield, b. ?
  3. Orrin Redfield, b. 1 Jan. 1781.
  4. Joel Dickinson Redfield, b. 12 May 1782.
  5. Silas Redfield, b. 16 Sept. 1783.
  6. Ebenezer Dudley Redfield, b. 1786.
  7. Sarah Redfield, b. 8 May 1789.
  8. Sophronia Redfield, b. ?
  9. Nathaniel Peleg Redfield, b. ?

Source: Note 1 p.38

Orrin Redfield; son of Ebenezer and Mehetabel; resided in Phelps, Ontario Co., N.Y.; m. 1st, 1 Jan. 1807, Anna McCormack (b. 25 Mar. 1786; d. 7 Feb. 1822); m. 2nd, Elizabeth, widow of _____ Carl, of Perry, Genesee Co., N.Y.; In 1834 they removed to Pulaski, Jackson Co., MI, where he d. 7 Mar. 1851, ae. 70; she d. 10 Mar. 1855. [I need to verify Anna's date of death, there seems to be an inconsistency between that date and the b. date of Charles, below.]

Children of Orrin and Anna:

  1. John Marvin Redfield, b. 10 May 1808.
  2. Mehetabel D. Redfield, b. 5 ___ 1810.
  3. Ebenezer Dudley Redfield, b. 27 Sept. 1812.
  4. Robert McCormack Redfield, b. 20 Oct. 1814.
  5. Orrin Redfield, b. 16 Dec. 1816.
  6. Sarah Ann Redfield, b. 27 June 1819.
  7. Charles T. Redfield, b. 12 Feb. 1822.

Source: Note 1 p.88

Robert McCormack Redfield; son of Orrin and Anna; resided (in 1860) in Eaton Co., MI; farmer; m. 1 Nov. 1839, Caroline Carl of Washtenaw Co., MI. (Record of Deaths in Note 2, lists Caroline's surname as Carrol.)

Children of Robert and Caroline:

  1. Joseph Orrin Redfield, b. 12 Aug. 1840; d. 3 Sept. 1846.
  2. William Marvin Redfield, b. 14 May 1842, Windsor, MI.
  3. Ely Dexter Redfield, b. 6 Feb. 1845.
  4. Robert George Redfield, b. 6 ___ 1848.
  5. Nathan P. Redfield, b. 2 Jan. 1856.

Source: Note 1 p.183; Note 2.

William Marvin Redfield of Windsor, MI; son of Robert and Caroline; farmer; m. 21 Sept. 1870, Grand Ledge, MI, Caroline Tripp (b. 1843, Pendleton, NY; d. 23 June 1917, ae 74y 3m 11d) dau. of Harry Tripp, of NY; he d. 21 April 1916, ae 72y 11m 7d.

Children of William and Caroline:

  1. Caroline Lydia Redfield, b. 7 Jan. 1872, Windsor, MI; m. 28 Aug. 1889, Nelson P. Coats, of Calhoun C., ae. 26, (b. MI) son of Justus Coats and _____ Larimore.
  2. Anna Belle Redfield, b. 18 May 1875, Windsor, MI; m. 7 Feb. 1895, Potterville, MI, W.W. Shingler, of Charlotte, ae. 25, (b. Canada) son of Andrew Shingler and Anna Field.
  3. Clarence J. Redfield, b. 14 April 1878, Windsor, MI.
  4. Claude Lovell Redfield, b. 28 March 1879, Potterville, MI.

Source: Note 2.

Claude Lovell Redfield of Potterville, MI; son of William and Caroline; painter; m. 1st, 28 March 1907 to Sarah Ellen Little, dau. of James Oliver Little and Addie Almina Root; (Sarah d. May 1916); m. 2nd, c.1919 to Lucy M. Sealock[3]; he d. 3 July 1958, in Charlotte, Eaton Co., MI ae. 79.

Children of Claude and Sarah:

  1. Addie Carolyn Redfield, b. 12 Nov. 1907, at Eaton Rapids, Mi.; m. 17 July 1932, Clarence Edward Prentice.
  2. James Bradley (or William) Redfield, b. 26 (27 [3]) Nov. 1910, at (Hillsdale [3]) Eaton Rapids, Mi.
  3. William Marvin Redfield, b. 9 Jan. 1912 (1913 [3]), at Eaton Rapids, Mi.
  4. (Claud [3]) Wesley Redfield, b. 1 June (May [3]) 1916, at Charlotte, Mi.; d. 29 Aug. 1919, at Eaton Rapids, Mi.

Children of Claude and Lucy[3]:

  1. George Redfield, b. 1919
  2. Pearl Redfield, b. 1920
  3. Claude Redfield Jr., b. 1921
  4. Delbert Redfield, b. 1925
  5. Virginia Redfield, b. 1929

Children of Lucy from prior marriage[3]:

  1. Edward Sealock, b. 1910
  2. Annabelle Sealock, b. 1912
  3. Homer Sealock, b. 1914
  4. Lazetta Sealock, b. 1916
James Bradley (or William) Redfield, son of Claude and Sarah; m. Kathryn Elizabeth Lutz (-1981); m. Elizabeth Paterson.

Children of James and Kathryn:

  1. Sarah Mae Redfield
  2. Donna Lee Redfield
  3. Alda Sue Redfield
  4. James William Redfield

William Marvin Redfield, son of Claude and Sarah; m. Alma _______.

Children of William and Alma:

  1. William Marvin Redfield Jr.
  2. Shirland Redfield
  3. Debbie Redfield
  1. Genealogical History of the Redfield Family, being an extension of of the 1839 records of William C. Redfield, by John Howard Redfield, 1860.
  2. Birth, Marriage, and Death records from the Eaton Co. Clerk's office.
  3. Records from Long Bible. (In possession of Lee Prentice.)
  4. Census records (below)

Misc Census Records

Claude Redfield - 1930 Census Record
Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan, United States
- Claude Redfield lived in Eaton County, Michigan in 1930. He was the head of the household, 
  48 years old, and identified as white. Claude was born in Michigan around 1882. His father 
  was born in Michigan, and his mother was born in New York. In 1930, Claude was married to 
  Lucy Redfield, and they had ten children named George, James, Pearl, Claude, Delbert, 
  Virginia, Edward Sealock, Annabelle Sealock, Homer Sealock, and Lazetta Sealock.

Name	Relationship to Head of House	Age
Claude Redfield		Head		48
Lucy Redfield		Wife		36
George Redfield		Son			11
James Redfield		Son			18
Pearl Redfield		Daughter	10
Claude Redfield Jr.	Son			9
Delbert Redfield	Son			5
Virginia Redfield	Daughter	1
Edward Sealock		Son			20
Annabelle Sealock	Daughter	18
Homer Sealock		Son			16
Lazetta Sealock		Daughter	14

Claude L. Redfield - 1920 Census Record
Charlotte Ward 1, Eaton County, Michigan, United States
- Claude Redfield lived in Eaton County, Michigan in 1920. He was the head of the household, 
  37 years old, and identified as white. Claude was born in Michigan around 1883, and both 
  of his parents were born in Michigan as well. In 1920, Claude was married to Lucy M. 
  Redfield, and they had seven children named James, William, George, Edward Sealock, 
  Annabel Sealock, Homer F. Sealock, and Lazetta Sealock. He could read and write, and 
  owned his residence.

Name	Relationship to Head of House	Age
Claude L. Redfield	Head		37
Lucy M. Redfield	Wife		27
James Redfield		Son			9
William Redfield	Son			8
George Redfield		Son			0
Edward Sealock		Son			10
Annabel Sealock		Daughter	8
Homer F. Sealock	Son			6
Lazetta Sealock		Daughter	4

Claud Redfield - 1910 Census Record
Eaton, Eaton County, Michigan, United States
- Claud Redfield lived in Eaton County, Michigan in 1910. He was the head of the household, 
  28 years old, and identified as white. Claud was born in Michigan around 1882. His father 
  was born in Michigan, and his mother was born in New York. In 1910, Claud was married to 
  Sarah Redfield, and they had one child named Addie.

Name	Relationship to Head of House	Age
Claud Redfield		Head		28
Sarah Redfield		Wife		26
Addie Redfield		Daughter	2
Harry Snow			Boarder		28
Edward Brougham		Boarder		26
Lee Earl			Boarder		21
Grover Boodey		Boarder		17
Harlow Butz			Boarder		20
Shalemti Jasper		Boarder		19
Joie Ell			Boarder		23
Toney Ell			Boarder		52
Joe Priece			Boarder		25
Lewis Kiel			Boarder		25
Jimmie Belli		Boarder		24
Sammy Baloni		Boarder		45

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