Frank and Mary Prentice


Frank Henry PRENTICE (b.1880, Hastings, MI; d.1966, Hastings, MI)
m. Mary Barham COOLEY (b.1886, Hastings, MI; d.1979, Hastings, MI)

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Late 40s or the early 1950s.
I remember living on the farm in the late 40's early 50's with my mom when my dad was stationed in Japan. I went to the one-room schoolhouse where Grandpa had attended when he was a boy.
---Linda Prentice

Late 40s or the early 1950s.
Not far from the back of their farm was a river that ran through Hastings, Michigan. There were times that we would walk down to the river just for fun. One Thanksgiving we went there and brought back some wild 'leaks' (similar to onions) for dinner. Then, of course, at dinner he had to say "would someone like to take a leak?".
---Lee Prentice

Late 1940s?
My Mother wrote Grandma to tell her when we would be to the farm for the weekend visit. Mother wrote that we would be there 'after lunch'. And as the story goes Grandma and Grandpa had a discussion as to what that meant. 1) Grandma - We would be there later that lunch time, 2) Grandpa - We would be there 'to get lunch'. I think that Mother meant what Grandma thought but Grandpa was correct.
---Lee Prentice

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